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The formative years are very important as they leave an ever lasting impression in a
child's mind. It becomes important to nurture the unique set of capabilities and strengths
that a child has in him. It also becomes worthy of action to help children tackle every
challenge that comes their way and turn it into an opportunity. Going beyond books and
focusing on character building forms an important aspect of the learning process. It
becomes essential to inculcate in them values, ethics, morals and also to practice what is
being preached. A commitment to enquire and explore forms the underlying idea behind
the development of curriculum for our junior grades


  • Elementary years develop psycho-motor skills.

  • Enhance their urge to learn and research

  • Develop the aptitude for logical and analytical thinking

  • Enhance reading and writing abilities

  • Improvise on their general and social awareness

  • Provide opportunities to master their skill and talent in whichever field

  • Provide opportunities for self-expression

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