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With immense pleasure and gratitude, I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Chairperson of Arsh Vidya Kendra.

At Arsh Vidya Kendra, we believe in focusing on various dimensions of growth for a child and not just academics. Learning methods in our school incorporate multiple intelligence. Step into our school and you will experience a caring atmosphere, where our teachers are more of mentors, guiding young minds and helping them discover the world.

We believe in setting the bar high with our system of holistic learning. We believe in showing you the difference we make – Come, visit our school, walk around the campus and interact with our staff to ease your doubts. We are sure that you will see the good hands that your children will be in, here at Arsh Vidya Kendra.
“Children are our precious gift and they are the future too.”
Mr. Bhushan Kumar Chopra


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