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Smart Classes

Smart classes are for sure a great way to make the learning process better and efficient. With all the audio, video, data, and Internet, learning becomes a piece of cake. A smart class keeps students’ interest right on the subject and thus, uplifts the level of learning.

Gone are the days of traditional black-board education. Now is the age of smart classes which allow the faculty to impart education using PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, and video screenings and also through images.
A picture is worth a thousand words!



  • Our Classrooms are modern in look and allows natural light to filter in

  • Air-conditioned classrooms with air purifiers to optimize hygiene

  • Smart boards with internet access to answer the inquisitive minds and share every web information

  • Display boards that allow students to share information and also display their creative skills adding artistic tinge to their work

  • Spacious Classrooms of dimensions …18*24……

  • CCTV monitored to ensure safety and discipline of our students

Computer Lab

In the techno-saavy world that we live in, it is very important for our students to know and be well informed about the world of computers. It is in lieu of this that we have a well-maintained computer lab in our school to foster the tech knowledge of our students.

  • Separate work station for every child to work upon

  • We have 25 Computer systems along with regular and 3D printer

  • Networking enabled computer stations

  • 2 computer teachers to cater the needs


Science &

Maths Lab

Nothing excites the inquisitive mind of a child than specimens, models, apparatus and chemicals. Our science laboratory is well-equipped with all necessary chemicals and models. It is well-lit and ventilated to ensure a hassle-free conduct of experiments. For our junior lab, we try to demonstrate practical implementation of our scientific concepts. Thus we try to practically showcase everything that the students read in their textbooks. The idea is to design an integrated curriculum that uses real-life experiences from a child’s local context as a medium for developing knowledge, skills and character.

Activity Room

Participating in various art forms develops creativity. It is in this context that we have an activity room for our young mind wherein they can showcase their creative skills gather and share information and knowledge. It develops creative abilities through a deeply enriching performing arts curriculum. We organise variety of activities in our school like drama, dance, roleplay, public speaking to contribute to the overall development of our students.


Robotics Lab

What can be a better way to learn robotics, the interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science, than through experiments and practical execution of it. The goal is to familiarize students with the mechanical design of robotics. We cover a variety of topics from motions, sensors, computer programming to mechanical designing. We have a well-equipped and well maintained robotics lab to teach our students the science behind robotics. We at ARSH ourselves provide Robotics Kit to our students to facilitate the learning process.

Security Features

The entire school campus is under CCTV
surveillance. Every activity is being closely
monitored. There are separate washroom areas for boys and girls. Sufficient trained nanny and security
staff in the school to keep a track of every
movement of the children. Male and female security staff.
Even for the transportation facility that we provide, we have trained nannies, guards and drivers.

GPS Enabled transportation facility
Special surveillance room for monitoring
every ongoing activity


Sports Facilities

Sports teaches us the values of discipline,
confidence, sacrifice, responsibility and
accountability. Recognising the Importance of
sports, we have special Coaches recruited for
different games. We have both indoor and

outdoor game facilities

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