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Classroom is an uninterrupted learning space. A positive classroom environment is one in which student feels a sense of belonging,trust others and feel encouraged to tackle challenges,take risks and ask questions.Such environment helps build clear learning goals and also develops skills and strategies to help students succeed.

  • Classrooms are modern in look.

  • Allows natural light to filter in.

  • Pleasant ambience for a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Air-conditioned classrooms with air purifiers to optimise hygiene.

  • Smart boards with internet access to answer the inquisitive minds and share every web information.

  • Display boards that allow students to share information and also display their creative skills adding artistic tinge to their work.

  • Spacious Classrooms of dimensions …18*24……

  • CCTV monitored to ensure safety and discipline of our students.

  • Twin sharing desks to seat students comfortably.

arsh vidya kendra-classrooms
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arsh vidya kendra-event
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